Term of Service ,Refund Policy and Privacy Policy

Term of Servies:

We provide service on soundcloud ,mixcloud, reverbnaiton , facebook, twiiter youtube , spotify and other social media promotion. . If your service hampers becauuse of these social media and music network server status, we will not be responsible for this delay. But we will complete it as soon as possible.

If our system face any error and it takes more time to serve your order, you have to keep patient and hold on.

You are not allowed to promote your social media account, youtube video for likes , views and subscribers , other music network for plays, likes , comments or followers with other promotion service provider when working / processing order with us. Because it will create confusion to measure exposure . So, please do not work with other promotion service provider when working us.

Refund Policy:

If we fail to deliver your order you can claim your money to refund. You can not cancel an order after place it.

You will not get any refund if you claim that you work with other promotion provider and they promoted your social media or music or youtube views, likes, subscriber when working with us. Also when we completed our job by our promotion, you can not claim it will done automatically and ask for any refund.

For monthly packages you can not cancel it on mid-month.

We grantee that we will provide quality service, but if you wish to cancel your order you must have to confirm it before delivery 25% of total ordered service.So, that you will get 100 perent money back.

Privacy Policy:

We do not share your information to any advertising or other third party. We do not share your profile information to other on any way.Your data will be deleted after complete the order.

Accountability :

Soundcloudroket.comĀ is not accountable for any accounts being banned, videos being removed or the loss of followers. We will not be responsible if your account is suspended or cautioned.

You must have to agree our terms of services to start your promotion with us.